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On Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

"I heard myself saying things to myself I did not know I even thought. I heard my inner dialogue as I never had before." 


“Surprising how deeper issues found some clarity. I am calm.  Less reactive.  Ready to step up to the plate of life.”


“Phoenix Rising continues to be the most inclusive and effective treatment modality that I have experienced. Every aspect of the person is addressed.” 


“My body ALWAYS feels amazing after a session. I thoroughly enjoyed my session, so much so, that I have asked Kate if we could schedule a weekly session for the next several weeks.”


“Kate is accepting, nonjudgmental, empathetic, light-hearted, and authentic.”


On Yoga Education

 "Kate creates a safe space to delve into the deep with her vast knowledge and honest practice. She imparts a sense of wisdom that is much needed in this world. Kate's classes offer a grounding energy that encourage each student regardless of level to look inward. She guides inner exploration in a magnificent way. Her presence on the mat is humble and kind. She leads each class with a sense of honesty that is hard to find in yoga classes today."  

“Her beautiful voice carries the class from beginning to end in a cadence that is just right.”


“I have learned something new in every class that I have had with her.”





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