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What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga: "to yoke." To be in union - body, mind, spirit, in awareness of our intricate, interwoven connections. When we hit the mat in a class, we might begin to notice our breath and movement synching up. We may become quiet in body and mind enough to feel how busy we really are, even in relaxation. But in a class setting, it's likely that the movement, breath and even the quiet, centering moments are generalized for the whole class. Yoga therapy is for you.


Yoga therapy is firmly rooted in the ancient technology and practice of yoga, yet  is designed for the specific individual or small group. It has an intentional focus on self-care of something particular, with guidance from a trained professional. Yoga therapy can support the improvement of specific physical issues, and the closer exploration of the connection between these and how one shows up for life. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is the practical application of yoga in everyday life. It is experiential, client-centered, and seated in what's happening now.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy may: 

  • help us hear our inner dialogue as never before.

  • help us tap in to our innate body-mind wisdom. 

  • help us choose our next right action.

  • alleviate tension and ease physical discomfort.

  • cultivate awareness and insight.

  • break away from patterns that no longer serve us.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy was founded by Michael Lee in 1986. The training, recognized by the International Alliance of Yoga Therapists, is rigorous and evolving. The number of certified practitioners has grown to over 2,000 worldwide. I am honored to be one of these and I welcome you to experience this wholistic healing modality with me, as you choose.

To book an exploration call or book an appointment, click here 

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